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Aug 14, 2009 8:30pm EDT
isetting ready to go into the lion's den in montana. he needs a moment, aig moment when they are all yelling him and he says somethg that is calming yet firm he needs to outhere the way these senators are briefly doi, facing his detrtors and doing it ia way that shows courage and leadership. >> democrats would like to think that they arlosing this because they are beingout- organized, because of the nspiracy out ther groups tt are galvanizingpeople, tacts are wrong. e problems tha -- the problem is with what evan said -- a contradictionhat the ordinary american understands -- the president sayse will cut sts of health care d we would by injung 50 million additional americans. you are 8 years old -- by insuring 50 mlion additiona americans. if y are 8 years old, you kw that cant happen. when the cbo ss it will cost a fortune, not save, there was no esca. thosare numbers that you cannot refute. >> this year's deficit is $1.27 trillion. people to noce that. >> the way it affects the health care debate is that the bill for the outset was going to be paid for. it did not in and of itsel
Aug 14, 2009 7:00pm EDT
the week, the preside once again sharp attacked iurance companies before a large crowd in belgrade montana. . obama was introced by kaie gib son, aancer survor who health insurae was canceled after she wasold she had less than less an a year toive. >> toy we're talking about lks like katie who vead theiinsurance policies suddenl revoked even though hey were payi premium because of a medicalondition. we're no different thanatie and other ordinary amicans, no diffent than anybody else. we are held htage at any given moment by healthnsurance companies that deny covera or drop coverager charge fea at people can't afford, at a timehen they desperately ne care. it's wrong. t's bankrupting famils. it's bankruptin business. and we are gog to fix it when we pass health surance reform this year. ( plause ) >> reporter: the presidt repeatedly tried to debunkof the myth that havebeen spread about health care rerm, citi a fay aimed at a government-run insuranceplan. everybody here who currently has privatensurance, you would more than lely still be on your pvate insurance plan. employers wouldn't stop
Aug 11, 2009 7:00pm EDT
in new hampshire, colorado and montana, states where thepresident iselling his planhis week, trying to reverse growg dissatisfaction over health care reformthat showed up in polls of his own popularity. and wh me now to talk about the psident assess president obama'serm in office so far are two itorial page editors, nol finley of the "detroit ne" and john diaz of the "san francisco chrocle," and two columnists, cynia tucker of the "atlanta journal constition" and robert robb of the "arizona republic." john >> john diaz, we have the esident pushing back. at do you see going on? has heost ground on health care? >> he ha lost groundand the thing i would say the president was trying to do today, very wisy in my opinion is reshpe is debate, because althou we are takingbout sowhere in the neighborhood of50 million peoe who don't have insurane in thi country, te fact remain the vast majority o amricans do have coverage and that's really the audiencee wagoing after today, because the thing the president has to persuade them that this going to sueed is that they have a ske in it, and i thin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3